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Except if otherwise specified, all books and stuff here are digital and immediately downloadable.

I am an artist, author, shaman and storyteller and I make magic through the alchemy of words, stories and art. So that’s what you get here. I serve women by helping you activate your goddess, live your brilliance and break free from limitations so that you can live and inspired life. My books and stuff will help you with that; with creating the life you want~ an experience of joy, love, beauty, freedom and magic. You can also book a consultation around these topics or any book that speaks to your life.

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Novels, novellas, fantasy, women’s fiction, shamanic fiction, Medicine Stories
Women’s Actualization, Shamanic transformation, Creativity, Sacred Feminine, Women’s leadership and success
Magical storybooks that women love and they can also read to their children and grandchildren.
Play for transformation, creativity and manifestation with a multi-sensory, kinetic and experiential approach. Downloadable.
Kits mix special reports, poetry journey and audios to help you work towards an intention. Bundles pack up several goodies at a discount.
Book a consultation with me to help you with creativity, breaking free, transformation, success or feminine leadership, your feminine gifts or perspective and to live an inspired life.

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This books & Stuff are life-changers and some of my favorites. Check them out.

If you are a multi-sensory, kinetic and experiential learner like I am, you will love this.
Especially made for creative women!


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