Novels, novellas, fantasy, women’s fiction, shamanic fiction, Medicine Stories


Women’s actualization, shamanic transformation, creativity, self-growth, spirituality, sacred feminine, women’s leadership, feminine leadership and success


Magical storybooks that women love and they can also read to their children and grandchildren. Non-violent fantasy with the wonder of our Sacred Child and the wisdom of shamanic practice.


Play for transformation, creativity and manifestation with a multi-sensory, kinetic and experiential approach. Downloadable.

Kits & Bundles

Kits mix special reports, poetry journey and audios to help you work towards an intention. Bundles pack up several goodies at a discount.


Book a consultation with me to help you with creativity, transformation, success, feminine leadership, breaking free of learned limitations, sharing your gifts and talents with the world or living an inspired life.

Experiential Book Extensions

Experiences that extend your book to help you become the protagonist and apply its wisdom to your life.
Some options will take you to my other websites to purchase art or join shamanic journeys.


Enjoy the healing voice of Maria Mar in audios for shamanic journeys, reading the poetry in the books or in Medicine Talks or Meditations.